• Thicker, stronger, healthier hair

I would like to introduce you to Emmanuel Paul. Emmanuel is a certified Trichologist who has been trained by the Cesare Ragazzi company out of Bologna, Italy.  Over the last year Emmanuel, together with the JPHRC team, has  introduced the Cleveland area to a new form of taking care of your hair, or more importantly your scalp.

As Emmanuel explains it, you simply can’t have flawless beautiful-looking hair without a healthy scalp underneath. Yet, because it hides below the surface, we often overlook the importance of having a healthy scalp – until problems become noticeable. A beautiful head of hair starts with a healthy scalp; this is why treating the scalp… and not just the hair is so fundamentally important.

Think of your scalp as the foundation of your house. If you have a weak foundation, no matter how beautiful you build the home sooner or later it will begin to have problems. Very similar the scalp acts as the foundation for hair to grow from. Using product on the hair to create beautiful hair only goes so far, especially if the root cause is a week scalp foundation. A properly trained Trichologist can detect where the scalp is weak or needs strengthening and thus prescribe the proper treatments that can address problems as well as optimize the overall health, growth and beauty of your hair.

Most people who experience some of the most common scalp problems (such as dandruff, psoriasis, itchiness, excessive oil, the feeling of having a sensitive scalp and/or excessive hair fall out) have either not been able to find a solution, have been told there is no solution or have been improperly advised to use a product that is designed to mask or hide the problem. If you can relate to this… you are definitely not alone. The good news is that there is a solution that gets to the root of the problem in order to once again give you the hair you want.

Over the last year Emmanuel and the JPHRC team have helped several hundred guests with their scalp andBio Picture (2) hair concerns. How, you ask? By showing them, many for the very first time, what is actually going on, on their scalp which is contributing to the problems they are seeing and feeling.

Each of these guests have come in for their private scalp analysis. This ninety-minute scalp evaluation, provides a visual snapshot of current scalp health and hair condition. The team at JPHRC evaluates and view your scalps hydration and oil levels in order to establish the cause of hair and skin problems.

Your scalp and hair oil levels  are important as oil plays an essential role in maintaining your healthy hair and skin, but too much oil can bring the opposite results. There is also a correlation between the over production of oil and thinning and hair loss problems. Hydration levels  are just as  important, because  if your scalp does not have healthy levels of  hydration it can lead to dry scalp, dandruff, redness and itching.

JPHRC will also view the scalp and hair under four different specialized lenses designed to look directly at the scalp and hair to help further diagnose and show you what is going on with your scalp and hair.

Once completed, this initial evaluation provides custom treatment and product recommendations specifically tailored to achieve maximum scalp health and wellness to help grow your most beautiful head of hair possible. These personalized treatment programs include:

  • Hair Loss Prevention Program: Fights hair loss, gives hair volume, strength and new life to miniaturized, thin and weak hair. This protocol has been independently tested and found that after three months of use, its users hair had begun to grow stronger, faster, thicker and was less inclined to fall out. Along with this users found and increase of 20% in hair thickness and density.
  • Sebum Regulating Program – Purifies the scalp and frees it from excess oil production that could affect hair metabolism making hair dirty, heavy, weak and thin.
  • Anti-Dandruff Program – Fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with scalp irritations (such as psoriasis), scalp tenderness, redness, and excessive itch.

Every one of us, even those with a full head of healthy-looking hair, can benefit from a Trichology evaluation and scalp treatments. Don’t wait until scalp and/or hair issues become noticeable – optimize your scalp’s health by making your scalp evaluation appointment today!

To schedule your scalp evaluation, please call (440) 333-8939 or Click Here.