• Think Bald is Beautiful…But Not on You?

Hair loss for both men and women is common, affecting more than 75% of men and nearly two-thirds of women at some point in their lifetime.  For many, any degree of hair loss can be a traumatic experience.  This simple truth essentially drives a multi-billion hair loss treatment industry filled with products and treatments claiming to cure hair loss.  Understanding hair growth and accurately measuring and diagnosing the cause of hair loss can take the unknown out of treatment and can curb or delay future hair loss.

It is a normal and healthy part of hair growth to lose some hair each day.  Men with healthy hair shed between 60 and 80 strands each day, while women normally lose up to 100.  But when does it all become too much?  Typically, it takes 50% loss in hair density for hair loss to become noticeable to the naked eye.  As with any medical condition, early detection can be key in effectively treating hair loss.    Once hair loss progresses to a certain point, treatment becomes more difficult and costly in achieving good results.

If you’re wondering if you are experiencing hair loss, the rate at which you are losing hair, or even the effectiveness of a hair loss treatment regimen, wonder no more.

What is ScalpCheck®?

We offer ScalpCheck which includes, a new patented technology that detects and measures the severity of hair loss in specific areas of the scalp (called the Hair Mass Index).  The patented device is a hand-held scientific instrument (trichometer) that precisely measures hair density and hair caliber together and expresses them as a single number.  It accurately gauges hair growth and average hair loss to definitively pinpoint the level and progression of hair loss, as well as the response to treatment.  ScalpCheck is a safe, non-invasive test that takes about an hour to complete.  No hair is cut during testing.

We are excited to be able to offer this new technology to our guests. Before this technology, there was no practical way to measure hair loss or response to treatment.

Why Do I Need ScalpCheck?

A ScalpCheck can quickly answer the question, “Am I Losing My Hair?”  For those that suspect hair loss, but balding or thinning is not yet visible, ScalpCheck can signal early warning signs of hair loss.  For those that have obvious balding or thinning of hair, regular ScalpChecks can measure how much hair is present and reveal whether hair loss is stable or worsening.  Additional benefits of getting a ScalpCheck include:

  • Jump Start Detection – Detect thinning 10 to 15 years before it’s even visible.
  • Save Money –Don’t waste money on the wrong or ineffective hair loss treatments.
  • Measure Effectiveness – Be certain that your hair loss treatment is getting results.
  • 10 Additional Benefits

Our experts are trained in trichology, the study of the hair and scalp.  Once we have identified actual hair loss, our ScalpCheck process can reveal the root cause of people’s conditions and a specific custom treatment protocol can be developed.  Treatments often include a combination of in-center and at-home scalp treatments. Future ScalpCheck tests can measure response to take-home products and salon treatments.

Hair loss can affect every aspect of the hair loss sufferer’s life, we are dedicated to helping identify and treat this unfortunate condition, and our hair loss guests are seeing positive results with our exclusive ScalpCheck.

Hair loss is treatable, but early detection can help your chances of keeping your hair.  If you are worried about hair loss, schedule your ScalpCheckcy calling (440) 333-8939 or click


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