• You Can’t Wash Away Dandruff


Your itchy, flakey head probably means you have dandruff, but do you really know how to eliminate it? Emmanuel Paul, of Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, has the answer.

The image on the screen reminds Mimi Creative Director Lynn Margalit of plant life in the winter. In reality, however, Lynn is viewing a 200x magnification fo Alex Aella’s scalp — a field of snowy-looking dandruff infiltrating a forest of hair. Alex, a 35-year-old firefighter and father of two, is convinced that his severely itchy head is not caused by dreaded white flakes. His head, he believes, isn’t dry enough to produce dandruff. But Emmanuel Paul, a certified trichologist at the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoring Center, in Fairview Park, has a feeling that he’s going to find the real answer as he begins a thorough examination of Alex’s hair and scalp.

A series of tests using proprietary tools confirms his suspicion. Alex not only has dandruff, he has an extreme case of it. And, Emmanuel says, he has super oily scalp along with it.

“People associate dandruff with dryness,” Emmanuel explains.”In reality there are two types of dandruff, which come from dry as well as oily scalps. Most people have dandruff to some degree. That’s why Head and Shoulders is the biggest selling shampoo in the country.” Unfortunately, Emmanuel reveals, that popular product may hide the problem but it doesn’t fix it. 

“Washing flakes out of your hair doesn’t remove the bacteria, fungus and the scalp conditions that cause them,” he insists. “The only real solution is to treat the scalp.” That is Emmanuel’s specialty. Trichology is the study of the health of the hair and scalp. It helps Emmanuel determine the true cause of a client’s hair loss, breakage and thinning as well as undesirable scalp conditions. He was specially trained in Bologna, Italy. Two years ago he introduced the proprietary Cesare Ragazzi treatment process to the U.S. He is still the only trichologist who offers the treatment in Ohio.

“You can’t have flawless beautiful-looking hair without a healthy scalp underneath,” Emmanuel emphasizes. “It’s like trying to grow plants in bad soil.” Alex visited JPHRC at the prompting of his wife, who was tired of watching him try to scratch away the uncomfortable itching that has plagued him on and off for 10 years. The visit began with a series of questions to help Emmanuel get to the root of the problem.

Alex explains that he had been to a dermatologist, who, following a quick perfunctory exam, advised him there was little he could do and prescribed a small tube of medication. He had also tried a variety of shampoos, some of which provided temporary relief, but the itching always came back. After hearing Alex’s history, Emmanuel  did a ScalpCheck™ which consisted of a series of tests to determine the pH, oil levels and hydration levels of Alex’s hair. Tests were also done to check the elasticity of his hair and scalp.

The results helped Emmanuel to formulate a treatment plan to eliminate the itch and dandruff while reducing the oil on Alex’s scalp. An intense salon treatment started immediately, then Alex was given a supply of specially formulated products to use at home. “By coming in for an ScalpCheck™, Alex now understands what caused his itching for so many years,” Emmanuel says. “The next step was to treat it properly. Our goal is to create the best environment to grow the healthiest hair possible.”

Every one of us, even those with a full head of healthy-looking hair, can benefit from a ScalpCheck™ and scalp treatments. Don’t wait until scalp and/or hair issues become noticeable – optimize your scalp’s health by making your scalp evaluation appointment today!

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– Jeffrey Paul 

Article originally written by Ken McEntee for Mimi Magazine publication June 2016