• 3D Printing Helping With Hair Loss

Recently, WKYC ran a special report by Senior Health Correspondent Monica Robins, on how 3D printing is changing the game for people who suffer from hair loss.

Monica had the unique opportunity to meet Patty, who 12 years ago was injured in a farming accident causing her scalp to be ripped off from the back of her neck, all the way forward to her eyelids. The violent force of the accident took most of her ears as well.

For years Patty looked for a solution to restore her hair that was lost at the time of the accident. She found that solution with our exclusive 3D printed hair solution known as a CNC. We are the only center in Northeast Ohio where the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CNC hair prosthetic is available.

In the video above, watch as Patty finds a solution that brings a transformation that will forever change her life!

While Patty’s hair loss was the result of an extremely traumatic experience, our CNC solution is designed to treat all types of hair loss including loss related to Alopecia, Chemotherapy and hair that has grown thin over time. This solution is considered a non-invasive hair transplant, that creates a second scalp matching all the contours of the individual’s head.

Cesare Ragazzi’s CNC Systems are dermatologically tested and designed to maintain normal scalp and skin breathability, while letting you live your life—whether you’re enjoying high-impact sports such as swimming or aerobics, or having your hair professionally styled once again.

Let our Hair Solution Specialists show you how to RESTORE your hair and confidence with the exclusive 3D printed CNC System. Schedule your Hair Solution Discovery today.