• Rachel’s Journey to Transformation

Eight years ago, Rachel began experiencing anxiety-based hair loss. After doctor visits, blood tests and medications, Rachel wanted a more natural approach, and our team was there to provide support and the latest hair solutions infusing Italian-based 3D-technology that she needed.

Watch as Rachel’s full transformation of restoring her hair loss and her inner beauty of confidence that was lost with the loss of her hair.

Below you can watch each segment of Rachel’s Journey.

Episode #1: Rachel’s Story

In this first episode, you’ll get to hear Rachel’s story and learn about how she’s beginning her journey to find a hair loss solution.

Episode #2: Finding a Solution

Watch Rachel go on her first visit to Jeffrey Paul’s Hair and Scalp Specialists, and you’ll learn about what to expect inside the practice and how the innovative technology works.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the process and the technology with Rachel.

Episode #3: New Hair for Rachel

The day Rachel has been waiting for is here. Watch as Rachel sees her new hair for the first time and get a glimpse of her active lifestyle—including swimming with her hair!

It’s time for Rachel to live a life without compromise. One that allows her to experience her favorite activities with freedom, a lively spirit and beautiful hair.

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