• 5 Causes of Premature and Excessive Hair Loss in a Hair System

5 Causes of Premature Hair Loss

There’s no exact timeline as to how long a hair system will last. It varies on the way you wear and take care of your hair. A hair system will need to be replaced as the hair begins to come lose or thin in the hair system. While a few shedding hairs left on the base of a hair system is expected from the original hand tying process, there are five actions that can cause excessive hair loss, after the delivery of your system, and greatly decrease the life of your hair system.

1. Conditioner Remaining in the Root Area – this prevents the root system from pivoting 360 degrees, which then causes breakage.
2. Excessive Combing or Brushing – this ultimately causes hair to break off.
3. Unattended Matting and Tangling – removing tangles forcefully tears hair out of place.
4. Product Overuse – this can also be an expensive waste of products.
5. Improper Rinsing – do not let water directly hit where hairs are hand-tied to the base of your hair system. By avoiding these actions, you’ll minimize any premature and excessive hair loss in your new hair system and maximize its look for a longer period of time.

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