• Ask Jeffrey – “What Will He Feel If He Touches My Wig?”


I had the opportunity to write an article for Help Me 2 Stop, an organization working to bridge the gap between Trichotillomania suffers and salon professionals, and I want to share this article with my blog followers because I feel like every woman experiencing hair loss may have these same questions.

There are many special holidays and events that can be a time when many women experiencing hair loss want to hide away and not celebrate with that special someone. You ask yourself, “will he notice that I’m wearing a hairpiece,” “what will he feel when they touch my wig,” “what will his reaction be if I tell them I’m wearing a wig?”

These are all questions we contemplate each day we walk out of our homes and into a world where others never think of these things. But there are things you can do to build confidence in yourself and confidence in your true beauty.

As a salon owner and educator in the hair loss industry these are questions I hear quite often – so don’t worry you are not alone! Intimacy is one of the biggest struggles for the women who come to the Jeffrey Paul Salon for a hair loss solution. What we tell our guests is that if your husband, boyfriend, or date touches your hair they may feel an ever so slight “bump” where the outer perimeter of the hair system or wig blends in with your growing hair. If you are not in a place where you feel comfortable talking about your hair loss yet, we suggest saying that you have hair extensions that help give your hair more fullness and length.

As far as his reaction goes, remember this… beauty begins within… If he truly cares and loves you for who you are within, than his reaction will be one filled with love and support as you tell him what you are going through. This experience could be a great stepping stone in further solidifying and strengthening your relationship. If he does not have the reaction you were expecting or if he is not supportive, than it may be time for you to find someone who truly sees your beauty –  both inside and out!

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If you would like further information from Help Me 2 Stop, please connect with them here. For more from their BeauTrichful Magazine, you can get yours here.

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Trichotillomania Support

help-to-stopTrichotillomania is an uncontrollable disorder that causes people to pull out their hair, resulting in noticeable bald spots. Sufferers live in constant fear of being exposed. Self-inflicted hair pulling is an embarrassing problem that can be improved by building self-confidence and ultimately stopped through cosmetic hair enhancement services. HelpMe2Stop is a bridge connecting sufferers to one another and to salon professionals.