• Beauty Tips – Using the Wet Brush

Tangles. One of women’s worst hair problems on wet or dry hair. Not only do tangles cause frustration and tears, but lots of damage trying to get them out!

Tangles are a problem for all ages of women and for growing hair as well as extensions or hair pieces women wear. Over time all kinds of attempts of solutions have been tried from vinegar rinses to molasses, but unless you are making a salad these are not your best solutions. The cause of tangles is that the cuticle on the hair shaft is lifted and locks itself to the other hairs like Velcro that don’t want to release until pulled apart leaving broken ends and damage. Even worse is the tangling that is caused by chlorine that intensifies the tangles. In this video I am going to introduce you to a real solution to work thru tangles on wet or dry hair to help stop your frustration, tears and the damaging of your hair from fighting with your tangles. It is a new invention called the “Wet Brush.”