5 Causes of Hair Color Fading

Summer faded hair

The end of summer is always a bittersweet time. Warm weather begins cooling off, the pools are closing, and the beaches don’t have quite as many faces on them. Those summer activities are ones to remember, but they can be remembered in the wrong way when it comes to your hair and how that summer fun can leave your hair a discolored mess.

What is a Glossing?

A Hair Glossing is a quick add-on service that refreshes color that has faded or oxidized by depositing color and resealing the hair cuticle, allowing hair to have a more natural, rich tone and healthy feel vs. the faded, unnatural look and unhealthy feel.

A Hair Glossing is recommended after prolonged sun exposure (like after the summer months) or every three months to help keep hair looking and feeling great and extend the life of healthy hair. One of our hair specialists can also make recommendations on when hair is beginning to oxidize and when a Hair Glossing will make the most impact!


What Causes Hair To Fade or Oxidize?

Is Brushing My Hair Causing Hair Loss?

Is brushing my hair causing hair loss?

Brushing your hair is a part of your daily routine, but can it also cause hair loss? The answer is yes, in some cases.

How much hair is normal to lose when brushing?

Is Hair Loss Caused by Brushing? Let’s start by saying that it’s normal to lose 80-100 hairs a day. They’ll grow back because this is the normal life cycle of a hair follicle. You’ll lose most of the 80-100 hairs when you brush or shampoo. However, if you are losing more than 100 hairs per day, noticing bald patches on your scalp, or seeing a lot of short hairs, it is possible that brushing your hair is causing hair loss.

How brushing can cause hair loss?

When Should You Get a New Hair Brush?

When Should You Get a New Hair Brush?In your hair care routine, your hairbrush is an essential tool. In addition to detangling and distributing your natural oils evenly, it also styles your hair. But how often should you replace your hairbrush? The answer depends on a few factors, including the type of brush you use, how often you use it, and how well you care for it.


What is the typical lifespan of a hair brush?

In general, you should replace your hairbrush every 6 to 12 months. This is because, over time, your hairbrush can become dirty, worn out, and ineffective.

It may be necessary to replace your hairbrush more frequently if you have fine or thin hair, as these types of hair are more prone to breakage. It may be possible for you to get away with replacing your hairbrush less frequently if you have thick or curly hair.


Why do I need to replace my hairbrush?

Good Knights

Every Child Deserves A Good Night

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to good health, academic performance, and a positive way of living. Unfortunately, too many children in Lorain County and surrounding counties sleep on a cold hard floor or other uncomfortable conditions each night. Good Knights is doing their best to help to alleviate that problem one bed at a time.

The organization strives to provide some of the community’s most vulnerable children with a warm and safe place to lay their heads. Good Knights works with non-profit agencies, churches, and first responders in Lorain County to identify children who need a better place to dream. From raw material to delivering the custom-made beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforter, and the child’s very own teddy bear – all at no cost to the families who are in need.

DECEMBER UPDATEOur company promised to match 100% of donations up to $2,500. So we are extremely pleased to announce that combined with our guests’ generous donations and our matching contributions, we will be donating over $5,500 to Good Knights, which will provide 27 new beds. This holiday season, twenty-seven children will be able to snuggle up in their new beds instead of on a cold hard floor. Thank you for making this possible for those twenty-seven children!

Phase 1: Pre-Opening Services

First, we want our guests to know how much we miss each of you. We know this time has been a very challenging time – The good news it looks like we are making progress and are close to beginning the process of moving towards a new normal.

So what’s next? We are currently working to put together the plan for re-opening. Much like the governor, we will open our center in phases. Those phases will be detailed out in the upcoming days/weeks. We are able to detail our phase 1 plan today.

Phase 1: Pre-Opening Hair Wearing Services

Beginning next week (week of April 26th) we will begin offering styling and “re-attachment” services. To be clear – we will not be having guests in our center for these services. This service is designed for the guest who either has two hair additions or is willing to ship their hair addition to our center.

For guests who have two hair additions

You can begin requesting appointments via email or by phone for us to clean, style, refresh color and do hair treatments to your second hair addition that is currently at our center. We will also properly prepare the adhesive materials to allow for you to apply your hair addition at your home. Once completed we will ship your hair addition to your home via UPS.

For our guests who only have one hair addition – You will have two options:

  • Begin by requesting an appointment via email or by phone for us to clean, style, refresh color and do hair treatments. You can ship your hair addition to us via UPS and we will provide the service and send back to your home or you can pick up at completion.


  • After requesting and scheduling of your appointment, we can have you drop off your hair addition at our center. We will perform the services on your hair addition and you can return in approximately 75 minutes to pick-up your hair addition.


Request Appointment


We will continue communicating our next phases in the upcoming days and weeks so please stay tuned!

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during a very challenging time, and we truly thank you for continuing to trust us with your hair & scalp needs!



NEW! Answers For In-Home: Hair Care Kits


We answer some of the newest questions we have received about the In-Home: Hair Care Kits. You can see all our Q&A’s on our new playlist:  

We are here to help you! If you have a question, feel free to email us your question and we will add it to our Q&A section. There are no silly or bad questions…your question is probably a question we have already been asked or a question someone has.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during a very challenging time, and we truly thank you for continuing to trust us with your hair & scalp needs!

Here Are Some Answers To Questions We Have Been Receiving…

Governor Mike DeWine put in place a “Stay at Home” order that goes into effect Monday, March 23, 2020 at 11:59p . We anticipated that this order would be coming and our legal team has been working with us since Sunday afternoon to finalize the plan with the governor’s office.

First, please be assured that we are not ignoring your calls and emails. We know how important communication is and we are working non-stop to get everything together in order to give clear direction to each of our guests. There are many moving parts and, thus we have been working non-stop to organize them to make the next steps as easy as possible for our guests. 

In the next 48 hours we will be reaching out to give you updates to our plan and answer many of the questions our guests have been asking. 

Lastly, and most importantly, you have our word, we will not leave you stranded with your hair. Right now, our guests are our TOP PRIORITY. We understand the uncertainty and concern this situation is causing and are tirelessly working to resolve it for each of our guests. 

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during a very challenging time, and we truly thank you for continuing to trust us with your hair & scalp needs!

Do You Have 5 Minutes to Treat Your Hair Loss?


Hair loss is one of the biggest contributors to stress in our culture, with the most common cause of hair loss being hereditary hair loss. Individuals with hereditary hair loss experience what is called miniaturization of hair. Miniaturization occurs when the hair follicle shrinks in size causing the individual hairs to become smaller and finer. Causes of miniaturization include but are not limited to

stress, DHT, and medications. If nothing is done to treat these miniaturized hairs, the follicle will go away and the hair will be lost for good.


Fight Back Against Miniaturized Hair

You don’t have to stand for miniaturized hair any longer thanks to TricoGlam Home! TricoGlam Home is our revolutionary new light therapy device designed to prevent and treat hair loss at home. This lightweight helmet uses 105 specialized red LED lights to fight hair miniaturization by increasing the microcirculation of blood vessels to the scalp and increasing nourishment to hair follicles. The result is revitalized hair follicles that grow faster, thicker, and healthier.

5 Minutes Daily Fights Miniaturization

TricoGlam Home is convenient and easy to use! It has a rechargeable battery that uses a USB port, similar to most Smartphone devices. Once charged, place the TricoGlam helmet on your head and the LED treatment begins – it’s as simple as wearing a hat. For best results, we recommend using TricoGlam as a part of your scalp and hair care protocol. Wear for 5 minutes per day or 20 minutes twice weekly to penetrate your scalp to stimulate growth of your existing hairs and help revitalize miniaturized hairs.

When used with the proper hair and scalp protocol the benefits of the TricoGlam Home are increased dramatically!

Want to find out more about the health of your hair and scalp? Then a ScalpCheck is where you need to begin!

Wellness Series: How to Live Pain Free – Part 4

Your health is something that you really need to think about with a total body approach. One of the areas we tend to forget about when working on our posture is our hip flexors. Because most of us sit in an office chair for many hours a day, this creates a tightening in our hips, as well as our back and chest. In our final installment of this video series, today’s stretches with Mark Roozen will show you a stretch that works on your hip flexors and your back.

Using a stick to help with balance and control, begin swinging your leg back and forth. Be sure to standing tall and straight up. By kicking your leg back and forth, you are opening up your hips and allowing your back to straighten.

Want to read more about how to live pain free? Make sure to subscribe to my blog. You can enjoy many other health and wellness tips. For more information on Mark Roozen, check out his blog.

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Upcoming Video Series: GHD Styler Flat Iron

Because I get so many questions and see so much damage from using the popular flat iron, I wanted to bring back a flat iron series I did a while back to help some of you learn (and as a reminder to others) how to properly use the flat iron to either straighten or curl your beautiful hair. And possibly to even recondition it!

Over the next three weeks, I will be sharing my 5-part video series with you to view and start applying to your own hair to get your best look this season! If you are too anxious, though, and want to see the videos sooner or have a certain technique that you want to try, I will post the links to all videos down below under “Upcoming Videos.”

We Need Your Help!

need help JP blog-p

The Jeffrey Paul Blog has blessed so many with videos and articles of Beauty Tips, Hair Loss Solutions, Wellness and Inspiration. My goal is to serve you better through the best education and information I can bring to you in my blog, but now I need your help to make it even better.

To be able to provide you with what you want and need, I must first know what exactly it is that you want.

Your input is incredibly valuable to me, so below I have a 5-question survey for you. With your answers, I can continue to help you look your best and to live a beautiful life on the inside and out.

I am preparing a Video Pod Cast Program, titled “Discussions on Hair Loss Solutions,” that you will be able to watch or simply plug in your head phones and listen, allowing flexibility with the demands of your everyday life.

[callout]I have already interviewed some of the most incredible people from around the world, including doctors, authors, real people with hair loss and other experts whose stories are captivating and informative, adding knowledge that will improve your life.[/callout]

I have modeled this program after Dr. Oz and Oprah’s Soul network but with the focus being on a community of people experiencing hair thinning and loss who just want to live a beautiful life on the inside and out.

To help me launch this program, I am asking you to simply answer the 5 questions below to help me best serve you. And to say thank you for taking the time to do so, I will be drawing from the responses one winner to receive $100 gift certificate to be used for products or services in our center.

Thank you again for helping me out!  We will announce the winner in two weeks, so go take the quiz now!

Remember…  Beauty & Change begin within,
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2 Tips On How To Protect Hair From The Pool & The Sun

If you are an avid swimmer or just headed to the beach for the summer, I hear the question all the time, is there a safe way to keep my hair protected from damage and from fading? Do I really need to wear a hat all the time… not swim or go in the sun?

Absolutely not! My motto has always been to look yourself and live your life. So here are two tips to help you enjoy the pool and the sun: