• The daily habit you need to get where you’re going

Do you ever wonder where you are going in life?  Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a road map, guiding us down the correct paths and avoiding those that would cause disappointment, harm, or trouble? Wouldn’t it be easier to tailor our daily habits and choices if we knew exactly where we’re headed?

While we’re not born with a tangible map to hold in our hands, we are born with the guidance of something else – our Creator.  Instead of the broken puzzle pieces that we would be without Him, if we stop, listen, and trust in Him to lead us, we will find our greatest destinations in life.  With His help, we are no longer broken and jumbled, rather we are complete and will find great blessings.

Friends, as you settle into the New Year, now is the time to set goals, devise a plan, and establish new daily habits and routines to live the life that was originally mapped out for you.  But, no matter where life may take you, you must take time to stop and just be still for a little while – just pause.  Allow this time of reflection to help guide you to even greater blessings and an amazing year.

In this video, I discuss three ways to help you find your road map:

  1. Take time every single day to hit the proverbial pause button and think about your life’s journey.

  2. Listen to the voice within yourself.  Where is it leading you?

  3. Remember the blessings and desires that have been placed in your heart.

How are your daily habits looking? What are some areas you could refresh? Try the daily pause – let me know what you think!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul 

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