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Alex is a firefighter who found the solution to his chronic scalp itch and excessive dandruff problem after undergoing a ScalpCheck™ analysis.

If you suffer from dandruff or excessive scalp itch, you’re hardly alone. In fact, certified trichologist Emmanuel Paul of the Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center in Fairview Park insists most people have some degree of dandruff or scalp itch.

“The problem is that most leading anti-dandruff shampoos hide the root problem instead of treating it,” Emmanuel says. Although most people associate dandruff with dryness, he explains, there actually are two types of dandruff that result from dry and oily scalps.

“Washing flakes out of your hair doesn’t remove the bacteria and the scalp conditions that cause them,” he says. “The real solution is to properly treat the scalp.”

An itchy scalp and hair filled with noticeable dandruff is what caused Alex Aella, a 35-year-old firefighter, to visit the Hair Restoration Center. Alex was convinced the chronic itching that drove him crazy for almost 10 years had to do with dandruff or dryness. A series of tests using proprietary diagnostic tools proved Alex’s theory wrong. He not only had dandruff, but also had a super oily scalp.

“Due to the nature of Alex’s job as a firefighter, and the extreme stress he is under, his body released high levels of testosterone and a derivative called DHT (dihydrotestosterone),” Emmanuel said. “That, in turn, triggered an excess production of oil. Not treating or improperly treating this thick amount of oil, along with bacteria on the scalp, led to the itch and dandruff.”

Treating hair and scalp conditions like dandruff, excessive oiliness and thinning hair is Emmanuel’s specialty.

He practices Trichology, the study of the hair and scalp. With his training, Emmanuel is able to determine the true causes of a client’s hair loss, breakage and thinning as well as undesirable scalp conditions. He was specially trained in Bologna, Italy. Just two years ago, he introduced the ScalpCheck™ treatment process to the U.S.

“You can’t have flawless, beautiful looking hair without a healthy scalp underneath,” Emmanuel emphasizes. “It’s like trying to grow plants in bad soil.”

Alex visited Jeffrey Paul at the prompting of his wife, who was tired of watching him try to scratch away the uncomfortable itching. His ScalpCheck™ visit began with a series of questions that helped Emmanuel diagnose the root of the problem.

Prior to his visit with Emmanuel, Alex consulted with a dermatologist, who advised him there was little he could do and prescribed a small tube of medication. Alex had also tried a variety of shampoos, some of which provided temporary relief, but the itching always came back.

After hearing Alex’s history, as a part of the ScalpCheck™ treatment, Emmanuel ran a series of tests to determine the pH, oil level and hydration levels of Alex’s hair. Tests are also done to check the elasticity of his hair and scalp.

The results helped Emmanuel to formulate a custom treatment plan to eliminate the excessive oil and bacteria on Alex’s scalp. It included an intense salon treatment and a line of specially formulated products for Alex to use at home. The solution significantly reduced Alex’s itch and dandruff.Untitled2

“By coming in for a customized ScalpCheck™, Alex now understands what caused his itching for so many years,” Emmanuel says. “The next step is to treat it properly. Our goal is to create the best environment to grow the healthiest hair possible.”

The next step for Alex is to undergo a new evaluation after his two-month home and salon treatment protocol is complete.


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– Jeffrey Paul 

Article originally written by Ken McEntee for Mimi Magazine publication August 2016