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It’s almost go “live” time! If you have hair thinning or loss, if you’re wearing hair, or if you know someone who does, you’re going to love my new Hair Loss Solutions TV™ program. And it’s launching soon.

Watch the brief montage below to see some images from my time at the recording studio with my amazing co-host and Emmy® nominated journalist, Andrea Vecchio.  Then continue reading more below to see the All-Star lineup we have ready for you!

So, what is the Hair Loss Solutions TV™ program? I’m glad you asked! Imagine the most influential, knowledgeable, and successful leaders in the Hair Replacement world all gathered on one platform. Imagine women and children who have experienced the trauma of hair loss and the effect it has on their self-esteem, relationships, and outlook on life. Imagine they are all sharing their secrets, their strategies, their fears, their victories, and their ultimate message of hope – that You Are Not Alone!

You can stop imagining now, because this is reality. Sponsored by Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides hair systems to children with medically induced hair loss at no charge to the child’s family, this program is dedicated to making you feel beautiful from the inside out! Together, we will search out the best advice and choices for you whether you’re dealing with hair loss and the uncertainty that comes along with it or trying to learn how to help those in need.

What Will We Talk About in the Program?

The Hair Loss Solutions TV™ online program brings together the experts in the following areas:

  • Trichology
  • Alopecia
  • Trichotillomania
  • Women’s Hair Thinning and Loss
  • Medical Hair Loss
  • Children’s Hair Loss
  • Psychological Effects of Hair Loss
  • Beauty Tips

Who’s on the Program?

Here’s a sampling of the names we have lined up for you:

  • Dr. Alan J. Bauman – Medical Director and Transplant Surgeon at Bauman Medical
  • Cristiano Renna – Trichology Expert with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories
  • Dr. Robert Haber – Dermatologist and Transplant Surgeon at Haber Dermatology, Inc.
  • Dr. Nikki Hill – Dermatologist and Expert in Hair Loss Disorders at SOCAH Center
  • Dr. Morgan Francis – Licensed Professional Counselor focusing on body image at Scottsdale Premier Counseling
  • Roszetta Pringle – Hair Loss and Restoration Expert at Still You Hair Replacements
  • Kristin Webb – Hair Loss and Restoration Expert at Profiles by Kristin, Ltd.
  • Andrea Vecchio – Philanthropist, Life Strategist, and Author of Live Your Playlist
  • Claudia Cassia – Founder of Alopecia & Friends
  • Dr. Renae Reinardy – Psychologist focusing on Trichotillomania at Lakeside Center for Behavorial Change
  • Gigi Ford – Hair Replacement Educator and Expert at Hair Replacement by Gigi
  • Amy Gibson – Author and Emmy® nominated Soap Opera star, turned Hair Loss Expert for Women due to her search for solutions with her Alopecia
  • Various Consumers who have sought help to overcome hair thinning and loss due to chemotherapy and other medical conditions
  • Various Children who have been helped by Wigs for Kids and generous donor across the world
  • And much more!

We keep adding new experts and guests to our roster every day to help bring you the best of the best in education and messages of hope. I’m confident that you will connect with those in these interviews, as their stories are incredible and they all have the same goal – to help you understand that there is help out there for you…  You are not alone!

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for updates on when the program officially launches. We have great shows ahead, filled with inspiration, knowledge, empowerment, and all the tools you’ll need to feel like your true self again or to help those clients who desperately need it!

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

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