• Kaylee’s Courageous Fight Against Brain Cancer

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In December 2014, Kaylee was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was immediately rushed into emergency surgery to remove the tumor, then started chemotherapy and radiation treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in January 2015.

For a year and a half, Kaylee was without hair and would go to school wearing a hat to hide the hair loss. Even though she was winning her battle with cancer, it was hard to feel like a normal girl without her hair.

After finding Wigs For Kids and applying for a hairpiece, Kaylee now has a beautiful head of hair that helps her feel confident again. Now a year and half clean from cancer, Kaylee is an inspiration for kids all over the world who have lost their hair to cancer or another illness.

“Never give up. I know it’s hard and sometimes people say things, sometimes you feel awkward or people stare at you. But never give up.”

Listen to Kaylee’s story above and learn about her experience with Wigs For Kids.

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