• Not Your Grandmother’s Wig

To many, the term “hair loss solution” conjures up images of painful hair restoration techniques or the unnatural looking, one-size-fits-all wigs many of our grandmothers wore back in the day. You know the kind of wig we are talking about here, the kind made primarily of low-grade synthetic materials, that unless you weren’t paying any attention at all, you could tell when a lady was wearing one.

Today’s Hair Solutions

There are many advantages to our hair solutions today, including a more natural look in terms of texture, shine and movement, color dimension, and authentic look and feel. Wigs of your Grandma’s days were often hot, itchy and generally uncomfortable. Today’s hair solutions, on the other hand, lack any of those discomforts. Human hair solutions also offer many more styling options. In contrast to synthetics, human hair solutions are heat resistant, so they won’t melt or curl when applying heat.

Technological advancements have also made the modern hair solution a much more attractive proposition – one that is practically undetectable to anyone you have not told. The majority of our guests have experienced hair loss from heredity or environmental factors. For others, it’s due to serious medical ailments. No matter the cause, many of those suffering from hair loss are relieved to find these modern-day solutions are readily available.

At Jeffrey Paul Hair Restoration Center, we offer customized hair loss solutions for both men and women to give back the fullness that has been lost and help them feel beautiful again and restore self-confidence. Our tailor-made, proprietary designs incorporate integration solutions that blend in new replacement hair with growing hair seamlessly and undetectably. (See how one of our clients transformed her life with these new replacement technologies.) In a case where hair is not available for blending (baldness), replacement hair is added into the new hair solution to give back the natural, age appropriate density or fullness to your hair.

Rediscovering Beautiful Hair

The journey to a beautiful new head of hair starts with making a mold of the exact shape of the head and meticulous mapping of the precise pattern of the hair loss area. We also take into consideration the shape of the face (for helping you create the best style to suit your attributes) and exact color and tone of the scalp. The mold is then sent, along with a hair sample from your growing hair in order that our facility is able to seamlessly match color texture and density of your growing hair into the new hair solutions.

While at the facility, hair is selected and blended to match both color and wave pattern of the hair. The hair is then meticulously hand tied, strand by strand into our breathable material, taking into consideration direction to best simulate natural hair growth.

The custom hair solution is then shipped back to our Center. The most popular way that we fit the new hair solution is by attaching to growing hair. This allows the growing hair to continue to its growth (never shaving it off). The guest’s natural hair is drawn through and blended perfectly with the replacement hair. We then cut and style to achieve a realistic, natural and attractive look.

Get Back to Living Life Fully

Once the hair solution is in place, our guest can get back to living a full, active life without any awkwardness or discomfort. Because the hair solution is made of premium human hair, no activity, including swimming, washing and styling (blow dryers, flat irons, etc.) is off limits – you can’t do that with synthetics!

Our custom hair solutions remain in place for about four weeks. During monthly service appointments, hair systems are removed and professionally cleaned. Natural hair is also cleaned, then cut before the hair system is reattached and re-styled.

Are You a Candidate for a Custom Hair Solution?

Our custom hair solutions are helping restore self-confidence, reduce anxiety and restore beauty for guests every day. A one-hour complimentary consultation can assist in determining if this beautiful hair solution is the right choice for you, your type of hair loss and your lifestyle.

Call us today to make a consultation with our hair specialists – we’d love to help you! Call (440) 333-8939 or click the button below to reach out to us online. We look forward to speaking with you.




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