• Solutions to Women’s Hair Loss

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™, you will discover the following:

  • How Maxie, like so many others, began to notice changes in her hair’s texture, color, and weight
  • What Hair & Scalp Specialists can do to help with your hair thinning and loss
  • A glimpse into the steps involved in finding the best solution for Maxie’s hair loss
  • How Maxie’s self-esteem has returned and she lives her life feeling beautiful on the inside and out

When you become a mother, many things in your life change. Your protective instincts kick in, you become an expert in time management, your sleep pattern changes, and so much more. It’s inevitable.

But hair loss is an unpleasantry that only affects some mothers. Our office coordinator Maxie experienced this first-hand after giving birth to her third child. Prior to having kids, she never imagined that hair loss would be a problem for her.

As Maxie describes in our video, she began to notice the changes in her hair’s texture, color and weight. She would find clumps of hair after taking a shower. Like others, she initially attributed this hair loss to aging and shrugged it off as one of life’s natural occurrences. But these changes weren’t caused by age; it was due to having children.

Thankfully, Maxie was able to gain insight into her hair loss because of her career. Working at Jeffrey Paul Salon, Maxie discovered the real reason behind her hair loss and the best possible hair replacement solution.

Through a consultation, contour analysis, and determining which attachment method best suited Maxie, she was able to choose a hair replacement system in which she could go about her everyday life without being self-conscious about her hair loss, how it would affect her and what others would think.

Thanks to finding the right hair loss solution, Maxie’s confidence is restored!

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