• Sometimes Even Superheroes Need A Little Help!

I was so inspired by the creativity and for-thought of this hospital, because from a child’s perspective…cancer isn’t so scary if you’re the Batman.

A large part of the battle for those suffering from cancer and other dreadful diseases is the mental toll of your physical ailment, especially for children. In order to help the children at their hospital, the team at A.C. Camargo Cancer Center created customized comic books and have their medicine delivered to them via ‘super serum!’ (Read the full article here)

It’s amazing how much we can help the children around us with a little bit of creativity and a lot of love. It’s for these children that Wigs for Kids holds an Annual Zoo walk, so that all sorts of other little superheroes can look as strong as they act. There is nothing more heartwarming than the smile on a child’s face when they feel beautiful. If you’d like to participate by creating a team and joining in the activities or donating to our Wigs for Kids 8th annual Zoo Walk, here is some more information.

Walk, 5K Run & More!
Saturday – July 27th, 2013
Cleveland MetroParks Zoo


Order tickets via Eventbrite:

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