• How to Tackle Your Hair Loss: Part 2


bigstock-Content-cute-blonde-drinking-a-52035331In my last blog I talked about how you can start to tackle your hair loss this year as a personal resolution for yourself. If you have begun to collect the hairs that fall out each day, then I want to discuss the next steps.

We want to evaluate various factors or your lifestyle at different times to see how problems might be progressing. You should note that hair loss is related to what happened yesterday – not today. We will likely have forgotten what might have caused it, because the loss becomes noticeable only after the events that triggered it. I encourage my clients to keep a diary or a journal of their hair loss over a ninety-day period – which represents the cycle of hair. I encourage you to do the same before you begin addressing your hair loss concerns constructively, and continue to alter.

For the same reasons, we take a two-to five-year personal history on a client in our initial consultation and create a timeline showing the correlation of events in their lives with noticed amounts of loss. When our clients see these timelines, they often say, “I didn’t realize that all of this was happening at the same time.” The main reason to do that initial assessment is to win the first half of the battle – understanding what has actually happened that brought about some of these issues.

After evaluating every aspect of your life, your hair restoration specialist should have a better idea of why you are experiencing hair loss, what steps you can take to prevent further hair loss, and what solution is a best fit for you.

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– Jeffrey Paul 

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