The One Product You Need This Summer


Summer is in full swing! That means beach, pool, and ocean visits. But what is all that sun, chlorine, and saltwater doing to your hair? In a word – Damage!

Everyone is always looking for that one product that can be used to make hair look and feel great. Does it really exist? The product that decreases static or frizzy hair. The product that can give more shine or enhance the color of the hair. The product that reduces or eliminates the nuisance of tangles in the hair. The product that does not weigh hair down but rather leaves hair feeling soft with great body. The product that helps to repair damaged feeling hair. If we could find that one product that does it all, that would be the product that would change our hair for good. Ultimately, you are looking for “liquid gold.”

Does Liquid Gold Exist?

That product – Liquid Gold – exists! The one product that, when used properly, will do all the things you have always wanted, including:

  • Decrease static and fizziness in hair
  • Reduce or eliminate the nuisance of tangles in the hair
  • Enhance shine and color of hair
  • Give hair body and soft feeling without adding weight to it
  • Repair damaged feeling hair

So what is that one product? Protein Treatment.

Are You In The 90%?

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“Jeffrey, my hair seems damaged and just does not look the way I want it to, do you think i have damaged hair?” -Ashley

This is a question I hear from my guests or people I meet, who find out that I speacialize in hair! Most people don’t realize how easy it can be to damage hair. Did you know that 9 out of every 10 customers who come in have some form of damaged hair and desperately need to restore their hair with protein? Hair could be damaged from a multitude of things – such as being curled, blow-dried, flat-ironed, color treated and more.

A protein treatment helps repair split ends, it increases the hair’s body, makes hair more manageable, increases hair’s shine, and protects hair against further damage.

With any product, it can be tricky to know the correct amount to use. Everyone’s hair is unique – from length to texture! To be sure you’re not overusing your protein treatment product (and costing yourself more money), use these tips! 

Ask Jeffrey – Using The Protein Treatment

“Jeffrey, do I need to use the Protein Treatment every time that I shampoo my hair?” – Julie B.

What a great question! And the answer is….absolutely Yes!  If you shampoo your hair without treating it as well you are leaving your hair more susceptible to damage than it was prior to washing! In this video I explain the details behind the protein treatment and the danger your hair is exposed to if you do not use it every time that you shampoo your hair!

Thank you for the fabulous question Julie, please ask more!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

Jeffrey Paul

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