• The Crowning Glory: What Makes Hair Royally Beautiful

Before you approach restoring your beautiful hair, you need to know the basic elements that actually make it beautiful. For that, you need to look no further than to a typical twelve year-old girl. Her head of healthy hair has five specific elements that combine to give it that unmistakable beauty:

• Shine or Condition
• Texture or Wave
• Shade or Color
• Style or Framing
• Growth

Beautiful Hair

At their best, these five components represent the qualities necessary for hair to be beautiful. Duplicating or simulating them successfully is the goal of Hair Restoration.

Many clients have approached me about their hair concerns in humble tones. They say things like, “It’s not that big of a deal, because it’s not like I am so caught up in how I look all the time. But, I think I am losing my hair.” They are quick to cite concerns about their health first, before saying that their appearance or how they will look five years down the road is disturbing to them.

I tell them it’s okay to worry about our looks because our appearance affects our behavior and the behavior of others towards us. I am going to tell you the same thing: if you have any hesitation about discussing your hair thinning or hair loss concerns with others because you are worried that doing so will make you seem overly obsessed with your looks, put that feeling to rest before you even begin.

It’s a fact of our society and our time that hair is not simply here to serve its strictly biological function of keeping us protected or warm. Hair is used to make a statement about our style, to attract people, to make good first-impressions, to have fun, and to make us feel good about ourselves.

Women change their hair color, cosmetic texture, cut and style in order to get an immediate boost in self-esteem. When the going gets tough, the tough change their hair. A woman on a bad hair day doesn’t feel like herself. A woman who needs to feel better about herself heads straight for the salon. Having beautiful hair means much more than simply looking good – it makes us feel great.

In the next series of Posts I will be sharing some very valuable Beauty Tips that will address each of these 5 components and how to achieve a more beautiful head of hair, whether you are wearing Replacement Hair, Extensions or your own growing hair. Give me your questions and comments so I can focus in on them to help you achieve Beautiful Hair again.

“Remember Beauty Begins Within” … Jeffrey Paul