• Together.

“We’re in this together.” – This has been one of the most used phrases in 2020, but what does it mean when it comes to your hair and scalp?

In November we expressed to our guests that months ago, in anticipation of a possible second shutdown, we began working with the governor’s office, in hopes to become deemed an essential business. Our attorneys worked diligently to illuminate that due to the nature of our services, we represent more of a medical center rather than a salon. After a great deal of work, we were pleased to announce that Governor’s office agreed that the services we offer are more of a medical classification and officially deemed us an essential business. This means that in the unlikely scenario of a second wave of business closures we will be able to continue to provide our existing guests with the services they need. 

Over the last several months since reopening our center, we have exceeded every recommended precaution provided by the governor, CDC and Cuyahoga County Board of Health. Our team has relentlessly worked to be sure that when our guests enter our center, they feel safe and remain healthy. We have brought in medical grade disinfectants, to clean after every guest leaves our center, we have contracted with a third party vendor to come in once a month for a full 360° electrostatic spray of our entire building along with having the put a 30 day protective coating on all of our high touch areas that designed to kill any bacteria or viruses before the virus can even land on the surface. All this with one goal in mind to keep our team and our guests healthy and safe – and ultimately remain open.

You fully rely on the fact that we will not only continue to do what we have been doing from the beginning, but have continued to put additional safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 within our organization.

Now We Need Your Help!

With the uptick in Covid-19 cases, it is becoming more and more apparent that we can do everything to protect our team and our guests within the walls of our center, but… if we are truly in this together… we need you to help us when you are outside our center.

As cases of Covid-19 increase it means that where most people may never have know someone with it, now you may not only know someone, but you may have had it yourself. For this reason we have put together a new Covid-19 Protocol for our guests to answer the question…

If you test positive for Covid-19 or are in close contact – when can you return for service?

We know your hair and scalp are important to you. They are just as important to all of our guests and the livelihood of our team. The only way we can stay open is to keep Covid-19 out of our center. Even if we are deemed an essential business, if Covid-19 is brought into our center it no longer matters, as  our number #1 priority – the health & safety of our team and guests remains our main focus. This means we would have to make the tough decision to temporarily close our center for the well being of all.

If you test positive…

You will need to be in isolation for at least 10 days from the date of first symptom(s). (Example: If first date of symptom was on 11/16/20 this is day zero. Ten days would be 11/26/20.)

  • We will need a negative test result prior to returning to our center. If you test positive again (due to the virus being able to show up to 3 months after contracting) a doctor’s note will suffice as long as:
    • You do not have a fever and if symptoms were present, they must be lessening – not getting worse or remaining the same.


If you are in close contact with someone with Covid-19…

If you have been in close contact you will need to remain out of the center for 14 days from last contact with the positive case (48 hours back from first symptom).

  • We will need a negative test result prior to returning to center. A doctor’s note will suffice as long as no symptoms are present.


Better safe than sorry!

If you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 we would rather you contact us to postpone your appointment rather than put others at risk. We trust you, just like you trust us. This means if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been in close contact with someone who has please follow the outlined steps above.

Your hair is important – but everyone’s health is much more important. We promise you that if you have to postpone your service for a Covid-19 related reason, our team will work diligently to prioritize you once you can safely re-enter our center.

Take a Covid-19 Self Assessment

The Goal – Together we’ll get through this!

Our heart’s true intention of this information is NOT to create additional fear or anxiety. Rather, it is to continue to work with our team and our guests to accomplish our #1 Priority – The health and safety of our team and our guests. By working together we can continue to take care of all of our guests’ hair and scalp needs. Now more than ever we recognize that not only are we “In this together…” but by working together we WILL get through!

Thank you for your patience, understanding  and your help getting through this. And thank you for continuing to entrust us with all of your hair and scalp needs!