• Upcoming Video Series: GHD Styler Flat Iron

Because I get so many questions and see so much damage from using the popular flat iron, I wanted to bring back a flat iron series I did a while back to help some of you learn (and as a reminder to others) how to properly use the flat iron to either straighten or curl your beautiful hair. And possibly to even recondition it!

Over the next three weeks, I will be sharing my 5-part video series with you to view and start applying to your own hair to get your best look this season! If you are too anxious, though, and want to see the videos sooner or have a certain technique that you want to try, I will post the links to all videos down below under “Upcoming Videos.”

Be sure to watch “ What Not to do with GHD Styler Flat Iron” at least twice. It’s packed full of great insight and tips you won’t want to miss!

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,

– Jeffrey Paul


Upcoming Videos:

Video 2What Not to Do with the GHD Styler Flat Iron

Video 3: Proper Ways to Use the GHD Styler Flat Iron

Video 4: How to Curl Hair with the GHD Styler Flat Iron

Video 5: Touch-Ups and Reconditioning with the GHD Styler Flat Iron