• What’s the Big Deal? It’s Only Hair, right?

Hair Loss

Hair loss can be devastating, in fact, one-in-four women will experience some form of hair thinning or hair loss during their lifetime. Whether it’s a result of genetics, health issues, medication, stress or other factors, the impact of hair loss is significant to a sense of self.

Why? Because hair is attached to more than the follicles in the scalp. It is attached to emotions, personality, confidence and the way you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world. It is the “crowning glory” to that individual look you call your own.

If you are experiencing the early stages of age-related hair thinning and loss, there are several options you can consider that will help divert attention away from the issue.

Style it.
Changing your hairstyle is one of the fastest and most obvious ways to treat hair loss. A style that flatters the face shape will draw attention to the hair you have, not the hair you don’t have. It’s a great “pick-me-up” and you can always change it when you are ready for your next new look.

As light powders and liquids cover dark or red spots on skin, dark and light powders and liquids can cover thinning areas on your scalp. Using the right products, applied correctly can give a flawless look so no one will notice hair thinning or loss.

If this brings to mind scary images of the spray on color that you see on the late night infomercials, stop. There’s a big difference between camouflage makeup and spray on color.

Your professional hair replacement specialist can advise you on which type of camouflage will work best on your scalp type and for your lifestyle.


Remember…Beauty Begins Within
– Jeffrey Paul