• Live Your Playlist – Part 2

In case you missed our post yesterday, I recently had the opportunity to interview Emmy-nominated journalist, broadcaster, producer, film critic, speaker, and author Andrea Vecchio. If you didn’t see Live Your Playlist – Part 1, I highly encourage you to do so now (see under “Resources” below). Then, you can enjoy Part 2 in this post.

As you saw in Part 1, Andrea is an incredible person who has overcome incredible obstacles. Overcoming the career, relational, and health hurdles all within such a short time is amazing. It is our hope that you will hear her story of perseverance and strength to help guide you in any struggles you may be facing – whether it’s hair thinning or loss, career or personal issues, or whatever may be weighing on you and causing stress in your life.

I truly hope you are as inspired by Andrea’s story as I am. If you would like to purchase her book, I have added the information below for your convenience. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will celebrate with Andrea. Friends, as you are going through life, remember this…. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are loved.

See more interviews that I’ve done with Andrea in the past by visiting “Television Appearances” on this blog!

Remember…  Beauty & Change begin within,

– Jeffrey Paul


In this post, we referenced the following resources:

Replay:  Live Your Playlist – Part 1

Website:  http://www.andreavecchio.com

Book:  Live Your Playlist by Andrea Vecchio

Quote:  “The Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt