Havogen 5 – The Hair Loss Vitamin

This transdermal, non-medical patch is clear, water-resistant, and designed to be worn for 12 hours each day to allow for the gradual absorption of the active, natural ingredients. Through this particular combination of the vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and plant extracts, along with the unique mechanism of the slow release technology, the Havogen 5 patch can slow or stop hair loss and reduce the excess of oil – ultimately fighting the problem of hair loss at the root.

Recognizing the 5 Signs of Hair Loss

5 Signs of Hair Loss

A woman’s hair is important to her. It is the frame that brings together all of the elements of her face. Hair has a language all its own. It tells the world whether you’re casual or businesslike, playful or serious. So looking down at her brush, and, for the first time, noticing strands of hair can send a woman into a panic. Immediately, she might wonder, “Am I experiencing hair loss, or merely losing a few strands?”

“I felt like I was going bald…”


That’s how Barb felt when she started experiencing the beginning stages of her age-related hair loss. After a personal consultation, at Jeffrey Paul Salon, we determined Micro Point Links were the right solution for Barb.

The Micro Point Link process links a single strand of natural growing hair with four new strands of hair, instantly increasing the hair’s density by 400 percent. The process can be repeated hundreds of times giving those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair with no damage or stress to their natural hair. The process doesn’t require chemicals, transplants, or any other type of hair system.