• We Will Get Through This Together

For Our Guests Who Wear Hair…

With the unexpected, temporary closure on Wednesday our team has come together as quickly as possible to put together a plan to take care of our guests who are in need of a solution for their attachment.

We know that there has been a great bit of uncertainty and concern for many of our guests and we want to assure you that we will get through this together!

Today, we are rolling out the solution we have put in place. Below we have broken it down into a three-step plan. Think of this as our “pick-up” or “drive-up” solution.

Please know that this is only a temporary solution designed to help remove your hair, have it cleaned, styled and get it temporarily re-attached to help bridge the time between now and when we re-open and begin full services. 

We have come up with the best solution based on the unprecedented circumstances that are before us.  

We will begin taking “drop-off” appointments Friday, March 27th. 

Step #1: Download Our New App

Click the button below for the app store that is best for your mobile phone or tablet…



Step #2: Set-Up Your Guest Profile In The App

You will need to set up an account in the app that will link to your guest profile in our system. We have created step-by-step instructions below…

How To Set-Up Your Account…


Step #3: Schedule Your Appointment

Once you have set-up your account in the app you can schedule your appointment. You will have two options to choose from:

  1. Removal, Style & Reapplication – For this service you will first need to make an appointment. We will then send you a box via UPS that will have everything you need to remove your hair addition at home (we will provide instructions as well as a video tutorial). You will then either need to drop off your hair at your appointment time or send it back to us in time for your appointment. Once we receive your hair, we will clean it, style it and apply suspended adhesive that will allow you reattach your hair in your home (we will provide instructions as well as a video tutorial). This attachment will be a temporary attachment solution designed to help bridge the time between our re-opening. It will allow for you to easily remove it in the future and have it styled by us (see service #2) and then for us to re-apply suspended adhesive for re-use. 
  2. Styling – This is for the guest who either is a daily wear guest (can take hair off) or has already received the Removal, Style & Reapplication service. As an option we can re-apply suspended adhesive for re-application in your home (see #1 above).

How To Schedule Your Appointment…


We understand that you may have questions, and we will be here to answer those questions for you. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during a very challenging time, and we truly thank you for continuing to trust us with your hair & scalp needs!