Hair Loss Solutions TV™ Coming Soon

It’s almost go “live” time! If you have hair thinning or loss, if you’re wearing hair, or if you know someone who does, you’re going to love my new Hair Loss Solutions TV™ program. And it’s launching soon.

Watch the brief montage below to see some images from my time at the recording studio with my amazing co-host and Emmy® nominated journalist, Andrea Vecchio.  Then continue reading more below to see the All-Star lineup we have ready for you!

So, what is the Hair Loss Solutions TV™ program? I’m glad you asked! Imagine the most influential, knowledgeable, and successful leaders in the Hair Replacement world all gathered on one platform. Imagine women and children who have experienced the trauma of hair loss and the effect it has on their self-esteem, relationships, and outlook on life. Imagine they are all sharing their secrets, their strategies, their fears, their victories, and their ultimate message of hope – that You Are Not Alone!

Decoding the Common Beauty Product Label

Ever wonder what those little icons on your shampoo, skin care or makeup bottles mean?  If you’ve never taken the time to understand the common beauty product label, you may just be surprised at what’s hiding inside.

While today’s shoppers are smarter and better informed about food packaging labels, many are still unaware of some of the basic symbols used in labeling cosmetics and beauty products.  Knowing what these symbols mean is just as important for consumers as understanding similar packaging information on food in the grocery aisle.

All cosmetics and personal care products sold in the United States are required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be labeled with ingredients, including botanicals and chemicals used in manufacturing.  There are also universally recognizable symbols used for package labeling that provide more specific product contents and safety information.  Symbols indicating a product’s expiration date, organic makeup or even whether a company adheres to strict animal cruelty-free standards appear on every health and beauty product you use.

It’s important to note that if a product advertised as “organic” doesn’t carry an expiration date, it’s likely not entirely organic. The FDA has distributed information about the term “organic” as it pertains to cosmetics, which is available for public view.

Making sure you know what’s inside of the product you’re considering, as well as having a basic understanding of label symbols and their meanings will help you make a more informed purchase. Here’s a short list of a few of the most common symbols on the market today; recognize any?

Younger Looking Hair

HandinhandThis past weekend I had the great pleasure of spending time with my first granddaughter who is turning one! As I was playing with her she placed her hand in mine and I recognized how soft her baby skin was compared to mine.

Everyone knows the feel of a baby’s skin. The skin is soft, plump and filled with moisture – this is due to the skins natural occurring Sodium PCA which acts as a moisture retention agent. As an individual gets older Sodium PCA becomes less and less causing skin to become dry and tight.

Because hair has very similar characteristics to skin, when we specifically formulated our Beautiful Hair Care System one of the main ingredients we used in our Moisturizing Conditioner was Sodium PCA. This ingredient helps retain moisture in the hair. As moisture is retained, the shine of hair increase, tangles are reduced, hair is more manageable, color is deeper and richer, and best of all dryness is gone giving you the look you desire.

Women all around the world spend millions of dollars each year trying to find products that make their hair and skin look and feel younger and softer. Hair products promise to do many things but you can’t always “judge a book by its cover”… it’s more important to know what is in the products you use and why those ingredients are important to giving you the look you desire.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

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Do You Want Salon Soft Hair?

Do you wonder how you can get salon soft hair at home? Simple! The secret is to pre-condition your hair, before your regular shampooing! This helps eliminate tangles when shampooing hair. If hair is tangled when shampooing you are not getting clean hair and you are going to create breakage in hair because of snarling of the tangles.

This is what you can do BEFORE you get into the shower to help condition hair while also removing tangles to get salon soft hair:

1. Get a water bottle and put a small amount of conditioner into a spray bottle of water. Shake really well.

2. Section your hair and then spray the pre-conditioner onto hair above and below the sectioned hair.

3. Comb through hair using a Wet Brush to help eliminate tangles.

4. Then let it sit while you get ready to get in the shower.

As an extra little bonus my video also shows you the keys to applying Protein Treatment and Moisturizing Conditioner the right way.

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

– Jeffrey Paul