How to Tackle Hair Loss: Part 2

In last week’s blog post, I talked about how you can start to tackle your hair loss right now. If you have begun to collect the hairs that fall out each day, then I want to discuss the next steps.

We want to evaluate various factors or your lifestyle at different times to see how problems might be progressing. You should note that hair loss is related to what happened yesterday – not today. We will likely have forgotten what might have caused it, because the loss becomes noticeable only after the events that triggered it. I encourage my clients to keep a diary or a journal of their hair loss over a ninety-day period – which represents the cycle of hair. I encourage you to do the same before you begin addressing your hair loss concerns constructively, and continue to alter.

How to Tackle Hair Loss: Part 1

The time is now to tackle your hair loss and find out how you can find a solution! Treating your hair loss starts at home. The products you use at home will change. The way you take care of your hair and even the manner in which you do many standard things in your life will change to accommodate the needs of your hair. I want you to begin to chart your course of treatment and monitor your needs in order to have the most effective outcome.

About a week before clients come in to see us at the Jeffrey Paul Salon, we have them gather and count the hair that falls out during that week. When they come in, we conduct an analysis of their scalp, the follicles, the openings where hair emerges from the scalp, and other factors, in order to measure and put a value on the stage of your loss so that you can understand the steps you will need to take to alter the situation. If you collect hair you’ve lost and put it in a clear plastic baggie, daily for a week, you can see at-a-glance whether you are losing more or less hair as time goes on.

Wellness Series: How to Live Pain Free – Part 4

Your health is something that you really need to think about with a total body approach. One of the areas we tend to forget about when working on our posture is our hip flexors. Because most of us sit in an office chair for many hours a day, this creates a tightening in our hips, as well as our back and chest. In our final installment of this video series, today’s stretches with Mark Roozen will show you a stretch that works on your hip flexors and your back.

Using a stick to help with balance and control, begin swinging your leg back and forth. Be sure to standing tall and straight up. By kicking your leg back and forth, you are opening up your hips and allowing your back to straighten.

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

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Wellness Series: How to Live Pain Free – Part 3

Sitting in an office all day hunched over your desk, looking at a computer can really cause back pain. This can actually create a domino effect, as back pain can cause a whole new host of health issues. I challenge you to take care of your back with Mark Roozen’s series of back exercises.

Today, I would like to introduce to you stick squats:

  1. Hold a stick with arms apart above your head.
  2. Sit in a chair position (squat), making sure your hands are still above your head, not bending over.
  3. Carefully stand back up with a straight back.
  4. Repeat this squatted position 5-10 times.

This exercise works on your shoulder flexibility, shoulder rotation, posture, core, lower back mobility, and ankle mobility. This will open your backside up so you can get back to work pain free!

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Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

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Creating a Fresh, New Beauty Routine

Not all beauty routines are created equal, and it’s important to revamp your current beauty routine at times. Let’s review some of the basics.

Water is a crucial part of our daily lives and beauty routines. Our skin and hair depend on it to stay healthy and moisturized. We need to use water in these routines…not just any water though. Some water that comes out of faucets contains harmful chemicals such as chlorine which can cause hair to turn a greenish tone and copper which can cause hair to have an orangish tint. Water that contains those chemicals will do more damage than good when it comes to skin and hair, including making hair dry, brittle and creating more tangles. I suggest investing in a shower de-chlorinator.  For more tips on how a change in water can start your beauty routine off right…check out my video above!

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Remember…Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul 

5 Things You Need To Do NOW To Get Ready For Bikini Season

summer holidays, technology and beach concept - girls making selSpring break has come and gone and summer now looms on the horizon…and with it that dreaded moment when you’ll find yourself shopping for a bathing suit. Don’t fret, if you act now there’s still time to tighten up before hitting the beach.

My friend, and our outstanding health and wellness expert, Marisa Dicenso-Pelser, shares her five tips to help you get ready for the summer season!

Do these 5 things NOW to quickly get yourself into bikini shape…

Recognizing Early Signs of Hair Loss

Hair loss

Looking down at your brush, you notice strands of hair. Immediately you panic and wonder – am I experiencing hair loss? The good news is that there are some signs and questions you can ask yourself that will help determine if you are losing more hair than you should. Being in the industry for years, I’m here to help!

There are a few questions that are essential to ask yourself:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, is there hair everywhere? On your pillow? On your bed?

Beauty Tip: Cocktailing

This is one of my beauty tips that every woman, whether she has a hair replacement system or her own beautiful hair, should know when styling her hair. It’s a beauty trick you’ve seen your stylist do a million times, and in this video I lay out how to use these products to help you create the look you want.

When you leave the salon, your hair is looking fabulous! So why does it seem difficult to achieve the same result at home? Perhaps it’s because your stylist uses the “cocktailing” method.  Take a pea-size amount of a few products, thoroughly mix and mold them in your hands, and disperse them evenly (roots, ends, and in between), this is called cocktailing. Like in mixology, you are using more than one type of product to achieve an amazing result.

Try this beauty trick and you’ll notice that your hair cooperates more and is easily styled. Good luck cocktailing!

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Start Your New Year with Shiny Hair

JP_oliveoil_1_3_14We all want hair that is shiny, healthy, and looks beautiful. I get asked all the time how you can get this look. Today I want to share with you the top ten foods for shiny hair.

  1. Ground flax seed or oil
  2. Walnuts
  3. Sunflower seeds
  4. Olive oil
  5. Evening primrose oil
  6. Ginger
  7. Prunes
  8. Seafood
  9. Apples
  10. Chickpeas

Now the question you may be asking me is what can I make to get these foods into may weekly diet. I have a few suggestions:

A Natural Immune Booster

Lemon Tea

Your immune system plays a big role in helping you to maintain your health. During the fall and winter months, it is especially significant to keep your immune system strong so that both you and your family avoid missing important dates and holidays.

One recommendation I have to boost your immune system is to use a protective blend Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil on a regular basis, like this Sunshine In a Cup recipe:


• 2-3 drops Protective Blend
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 cup hot water
• 1-2 drops Lemon essential oil

Add all ingredients to mug, stir and sip slowly.

Try out this recipe to give your immune system that extra boost!

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Remember…Beauty Begins Within

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Your Brain on Breakfast

healthy-breakfast-honey1Dr. Casen, from the Drugless Doctor sent us this post that I think is very important on the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast on your health, and your energy levels! 

A recent study that used brain scans to investigate breakfast’s effect on eating later in the day was presented at the Neuroscience 2012 conference.  Subjects who SKIPPED breakfast were more attracted to images of high-calorie grub and consumed 20% MORE calories at lunch than those who ate breakfast. (

Takeaways from Dr. Casen-

1) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (We learned this in grade school everyone!)

2)  Start your day off with protein, this will help you to sustain your energy throughout the day and not spike your insulin levels.  Doughnuts, pop tarts, and Lucky Charms may look attractive but your body and brain will suffer from those choices.

3)  Proper planning is key!  Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy organic foods to prepare for you and your family.

4)  Become label savvy.  On average, women and men who read nutrition labels weigh NINE pounds less than those who don’t.

Thank you Dr. Casen for these important tips! There are so many reason to start your off with at least a healthy snack, even if it’s just for that small energy boost! Check out my Pinterest board full of great, healthy snack ideas here!

Remember…Beauty Begins Within

Jeffrey Paul

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DrDr. Casen DeMaria Dr. Casen DeMaria graduated at Life University. While at Life University she completed her BS in Liberal Arts at Excelsior College.
Prior to going to Chiropractic college Dr. Casen got her AS and Massage Therapy license in Saranac Lake, NY. She worked as a Massage Therapist throughout Chiropractic college with an elite sports Chiropractor. Dr. Casen is looking forward to spreading the word of Chiropractic and serving her members at Drugless Doctors with her husband Dr. Anthony.